Flight Training Devices


Description: The newly purchased RJ FTD offers a precise replica of the Bombardier CRJ 700 cockpit with flight controls and performance that emulate the actual jet. The simulator prepares USU students for their future careers, offering training features including over 24,000 airport locations, an accurate navigation database, and full control over weather and aircraft.   Students within the program fly the simulator during their three-semester-long series of regional jet courses, including ground school and simulator coursework, which prepares them for pilot careers upon graduation.  Students can receive FAA Level 5 capable training in our new RJ FTD.

Red Bird SD Simulatorflight simulator training

Description: This state-of-the-art simulator has a worldwide database offering specialized training. The simulator has the ability to simulate both a DA40 Diamondstar and a DA42 Twinstar aircraft. This allows students to train the same way they would in the airplane, fly the same types of approaches that they would in the real world, and even be placed in unsafe weather that might occur in the real world.  This type of training allows USU students to see how the aircraft would perform once they are in the pilot seat. It also allows students to step out at the end of the session having learned in the safety of the simulator.